🧠 Mistakes People Make & The Secret to Mastering Work-Life Balance

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πŸ€“ Mastering Workplace Communication: Avoid These Common Mistakes

In this video, communication expert Gary Ross shares valuable insights into workplace communication, highlighting common mistakes people make and offering strategies for improvement. Discover the importance of clarity in communication and learn how to check understanding effectively without being repetitive. Gary also discusses the role of nonverbal communication, such as body language, and provides tips for managing up and communicating with senior executives.

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πŸ€“ The Secret to Mastering Work-Life Balance

Join me and my special guest Jossie Haines, executive coach and former VP of Software Engineering, in this enlightening discussion on work-life balance, or as Jossie prefers to call it, work-life integration. The concept may seem like a contradiction at first. Still, Jossie delves deep into its philosophy and discusses the importance of prioritizing self-care and setting strict boundaries between work and personal life.

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